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Lien Resolution Services

AM Lien Solutions provides one of the most comprehensive Lien Resolution Programs in the State of California. It is supported through our proprietary software which tracks our performance results. We work with each of our clients to develop a lien resolution program based off their specific goals and approach. Every lien claimant or provider still within the statute to file a lien goes through our fraud alert check prior to negotiations. Any provider that qualifies under Labor Code 4615 for an automatic stay on liens filed by or on behalf of physicians and providers who are criminally charged with certain types of fraud are quickly identified and reported to the DIR for addition to the current listing. Click here for a current list of providers stayed under Labor Code 4615.

File Review and Resolution Process

Our experts review each file and develop a comprehensive plan of action within the first week. Our goal is file closure. We utilize the relationships we have built with the lien claimants over the past 15 years, and negotiate on your behalf with respect and facts. We will get you the quickest and lowest settlement. If our clients are not agreeable to a lien claimant’s bottom line, we will aggressively litigate the issue on your behalf at ALL the California WCAB’s and pursue cost and sanctions when appropriate.

2021 YTD Stats

  • 83% of our files close within 20 days
  • 9% average lien settlement
  • 1 million in lien withdrawals this year
  • 100% Client Retention

Software Capabilities

Comprehensive Reports and Data Analytics

AM Lien Solutions utilizes our proprietary software to offer a wide range of Lien Program Performance Reporting. These may include:

  • Cost Savings and Performance Reporting
  • WCAB Calendar Report (this report allows you to see how many files are set for upcoming litigation by month and appearance type: Lien Conference, Lien Trial, Status Conference, etc.)
  • Predict Average Lien Total Per Litigated File
  • Categorize Provider by Amount and Frequency of Lien Filing
  • Fraud Report (this report tracks how many providers are currently stayed, consolidated, or suspended)

Our reports are designed specifically to target the different levels of management and aid in the decision making when it comes down to litigating versus negotiating to close files.

Sample Reports

  • Executive Report
  • File Status Report
  • Open Lien File Detail
  • Provider Overview

Adjuster Portal

AM Lien Solutions believes in transparency and understands that it is faster to log into our system and get real time answers. Once you refer your first file you are set up with a username and password which will allow you to see files that you have referred to us. You can check the status and efforts our team has made to close your case. All settlement agreements and lien claimant billing are uploaded to our system for quick access.

WCAB Hearing Representation

We recognize time is valuable and our expert lien representatives are ready when and where you need us. We service every WCAB in California and have the years of experience and relationships it takes to settle liens whether it be in-person at the board, virtually, or a telephone call. Our communication with clients is tailored to succeed and bring the best settlement results in real time with measurable results. A file with one lien will get the same exceptional lien representation as even the most complex lien file with multiple lien claimants or complex issues.

We specialize in litigating the following issues:

  1. Third Party Lien Claimants
  2. Interpreter Market Rates
  3. Invalid Liens (violation of Second Bill Review regulations)
  4. Invalid Petitions or Verifications
  5. Provider licensing (or lack thereof)
  6. High dollar hospital bills
  7. EDD
  8. AOE/COE

AM Lien Solutions is proactive and aware of all challenges and delays litigating liens can pose in the post COVID world. We have entered into agreements with high volume lien claimants to serve documents electronically and take the lead in organizing multiple lien claimants to ensure all required paperwork and discovery is completed prior to a Lien Conference. Our goal is to avoid continuances, or the matter being taken off calendar due to inappropriate preparation. Preparation is the key when it comes to quick and aggressive lien litigation. AM Lien Solutions can fight for our clients knowing we have put forth a good faith effort to prepare prior to our appearance date.

It is never too late to refer a file to AM Lien Solutions. If you are not happy with the way a lien was set up for a Lien Trial, we can give you a second opinion and provide you with possible alternative litigation strategies. If you are being threatened with thousands of dollars in attorney fees and think paying is the only solution, allow us to review and provide you with alternative strategies.

Our Lien Litigation services include all pleadings, required discovery obligations, and depositions, this includes but is not limited to filing DOR’s, objecting to DOR’s, objecting to Petitions to Serve Medicals, Complying with Orders to Serve Medicals, drafting and filing Petitions, Trial Brief’s, etc. AM Lien Solutions prepares recommendations and budgets and obtains approval before filing any pleading on our client’s behalf.

At AM Lien Solutions we litigate to win and have an impressive track record.

Refer A Case

We are ready to take your case. We’ve provided case referral forms to help jumpstart the process. You’re also welcome to submit a referral through your current preferred process.

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