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Medical-Legal Compliance Support

New Medical-Legal Fee Schedule & Regulations Effective April 1, 2021!

The California Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Workers’ Compensation’s new Medical-Legal Fee Schedule (MLFS), which took effect on April 1st, 2021 includes specific fees for record reviews as well as the responsibility of the payor. If not correctly processed, the fees for record review can quickly skyrocket.

AM Lien Solutions is here to help you comply with the new regulations while keeping your record review fees at the minimum applicable rate. In cases where you have thousands of pages of relevant records to submit, it is critical to take the time to organize the records and determine what needs to be sent. With every excess page billable at $3.00 per page, record review could cost more than the evaluation itself. Duplicate records are NOT exempt from the $3.00 per page rule.

AM Lien Solutions can take care of this obligation at a reduced administrative rate. Our litigation assistants are experts in identifying records and our management team has experience in submitting documents to Independent Bill Review. Whether there are thousands of pages in one PDF or multiple records needing to be renamed and organized, we will take your records and provide you with an index and records ready to be served on the QME and all parties of interest. This service is provided by experts in this area and at an administrative rate leaving your claims adjusters and assistants to focus on processing their caseload.

Have a defense attorney on the case?

AM Lien Solutions will work with your defense attorney and provide this administrative service on your behalf at a reduced rate. Once the index sheet and organized records are ready, we can provide them with an electronic or paper copy. Your defense attorney will then work with the applicant attorney to agree on what records to submit. You will know in real time how much to reserve for record review and won’t be hit with any sticker shock when the bill comes.

In Pro Per case

In cases with an In Pro Per applicant/injured worker, AM Lien Solutions will make sure to contact the applicant/injured worker and come to an agreement on what records to send after completing our record review organization service.

AM Lien Solutions specializes in taking years of records and quickly separating documents so they can be utilized for compliance with the new regulations. We have been separating thousands of pages electronically or on paper for over 15 years as a requirement for closing discovery prior to litigating liens. This is an area where all our administrative staff are trained. Our turnaround time is anywhere from 24 hours to one week, depending on number of pages/documents and urgency.

Record Review Fee Schedule

Record review will be reimbursed at the following:

  • ML-201: $2,015.00 for a Comprehensive Medical-Legal Evaluation. This includes 200 pages of record review, and $3.00 per additional page.
  • ML-202: $1,316.25 for a Follow-Up Medical-Legal Evaluation within 18 months of the previous exam by the same physician. The fee includes review of 200 pages of records that were not reviewed as part of initial comprehensive evaluation or supplemental evaluation, and $3.00 per additional page.
  • ML-203: $650.00 for a Supplemental Medical-Legal Evaluation, including review of up to 50 pages of records, and $3.00 per additional page.

Example fees for Evaluation and Page Reviews

Code + Pages SubmittedEvaluationRecord ReviewTotal
ML200 + 300 pages$2,015.00$300.00$2,315.00
ML200 + 400 pages$2,015.00$600.00$2,615.00
ML200 + 500 pages$2,015.00$900.00$2,915.00
ML200 + 600 pages$2,015.00$1,200.00$3,215.00
ML200 + 700 pages$2,015.00$1,500.00$3,515.00
ML200 + 800 pages$2,015.00$1,800.00$3,815.00
ML200 + 900 pages$2,015.00$2,100.00$4,115.00
ML200 + 1000 pages$2,015.00$2,400.00$4,415.00
ML200 + 1100 pages$2,015.00$2,700.00$4,715.00
ML200 + 1200 pages$2,015.00$3,000.00$5,015.00
ML200 + 1300 pages$2,015.00$3,300.00$5,315.00
ML200 + 1400 pages$2,015.00$3,600.00$5,615.00
ML200 + 1500 pages$2,015.00$3,900.00$5,915.00
ML200 + 1600 pages$2,015.00$4,200.00$6,215.00
ML200 + 1700 pages$2,015.00$4,500.00$6,515.00
ML200 + 1800 pages$2,015.00$4,800.00$6,815.00
ML200 + 1900 pages$2,015.00$5,100.00$7,115.00
ML200 + 2000 pages$2,015.00$5,400.00$7,415.00
ML200 + 5000 pages$2,015.00$14,400.00$16,415.00

Let AM Lien Solutions help keep your Medical-Legal costs down. We also provide bill review for all Medical-Legal bills. Visit our Medical Legal Dispute Resolution page.

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