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Walk Through Services

AM Lien Solutions provides three different levels of Walk-Through Services at a flat fee rate. With over 15 years of experience, we have relationships at all the California Worker’s Compensation Appeal Boards and our flat rate tiered program offers expedited settlements at each level.  Our experienced and professional staff focus on detailed preparation of documents and excel in communication with the in pro per applicant.

We offer the following levels of service

Tier 1

Standard walk-through referral is made with all required docs and signatures.

Tier 2

Includes drafting documents, obtaining signatures, and approval of settlement (after you negotiate settlement).

Tier 3

Negotiate settlement agreement, draw up documents, and obtain signature and approval of settlement. 

We go the extra mile and assist injured workers with final mileage reimbursements and facilitate any communication needed with the Information & Assistance Officer. We request DUE ratings when appropriate and can help set up final QME appointments when necessary. Our goal is to provide a fair and fast settlement process.

Refer A Case

We are ready to take your case. We’ve provided case referral forms to help jumpstart the process. You’re also welcome to submit a referral through your current preferred process.

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