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Litigation Support Services

At AM Lien Solutions we understand the importance of complying with Labor Codes, Regulations, and Orders from a Workers Compensation Judge. We carve out administrative services to help our clients who are not quite ready to refer a file.

Our services include:

  • Organization of claim file documents
    Need to serve records on a newly accepted claim? Our administrative team specializes in organizing and naming thousands of records to comply with service of medical records. These can include orders from a Work Comp Judge, demands for production of documents from providers, and IMR submissions.
  • Compliance with Orders to Serve Medicals on a Non-Physician Lien Claimant
    Order to Serve Medical on Non-Physician Lien Claimants require quick action or can result in sanctions and bad faith allegations from lien claimants. AM Lien Solutions can take care of this obligation at a reduced administrative rate. Our litigation assistants are experts in identifying medical records relevant to the issue raised.
  • One-time requests to Take a Matter off Calendar
    Did you resolve the last lien or petition for non IBR? If the matter is set for a Lien Conference, Lien Trial, or Status Conference you are still obligated to appear unless the matter is officially taken off calendar. AM Lien Solution can prepare a one-time request to take the matter off calendar and follow up with the WCJ’s secretary until the matter is removed. We will serve all parties of interest and then the file is ready to close.

Refer A Case

We are ready to take your case. We’ve provided case referral forms to help jumpstart the process. You’re also welcome to submit a referral through your current preferred process.

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