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Specialized Bill Review

AM Lien Solutions provides first aid and lien bill review services.

First Aid

Many first aid treatment facilities charge rates outside of the Workers Compensation Fee Schedule. We provide bill review of First Aid bills directly for employers and negotiate those balances to applicable fee schedule. We will support our reviews if the provider challenges the re-priced amount. We save our clients thousands of dollars each year from this quick and affordable service.

Lien Bill Review

We understand that it is not always cost-effective to refer out files with one or two lien claimants. In cases like these, we provide a defensible bill review that applies the official medical fee schedule in place at the date of service and payment ground rule reductions. We also provide helpful tips for negotiating with the specific providers in question. We have a 48-hour turnaround time.

Interpreting, Transportation, and Copy Service Bill Review

The California State Court’s decision Meadowbrook Ins. Co. v. Workers’ Comp. Appeals Bd. made it clear that the second bill review process is the only way to dispute payment issues if the services have an adopted fee schedule. The issue with non-medical bills is that they are often excluded from the day-to-day bill review system. AM Lien Solutions are experts in reviewing non-medical bills including Interpreting, Transportation, and Copy Service. We provide compliant Explanation of Reviews and monitor the dispute deadlines. If a provider files a timely request for second bill review, we will issue a second Explanation of Review and monitor the deadline to submit to IBR. If an IBR submission is submitted, we will on our client’s behalf, submit evidence supporting our bill review. This will help prevent liens in the future.

Refer A Case

We are ready to take your case. We’ve provided case referral forms to help jumpstart the process. You’re also welcome to submit a referral through your current preferred process.

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